Highlights from CES 2011

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This year's Consumer Electronics Show brought a surprisingly large crowd of people. It seems the economy has recovered enough that the throngs of gadgeteers are making the pilgrimage to Vegas again, en mass. The major trends include tablet devices and 3D television, but fortunately also smart grid and connected home solutions. Check out what we found during our trip to CES.

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Connected Homes and the Smart Grid
The connected home was a buzz topic at this year's CES, which was wonderful to see. It seems every year, the booths of Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Control4 are busier and busier. This year, the home energy management sections from other manufacturers were even larger as well. Here are the highlights on the connected home as well as smart grid security:

CES 2011: Connected Homes and Energy Management Take Center Stage
CES 2011: GE Unveils Our Smart Home of the Future
CES 2011: Smart Plugs and Energy Monitors from Intelligy, Current Cots, Modlet and More
CES 2011: Pinpointing Problems With Smart Grid Security

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Green Gadgets
This year's Sustainable Planet zone seemed smaller than ever. But there was still a range of cool products that promote use of renewable energy.

CES 2011: Samsung Shows Off Earth-Friendlier Phones
CES 2011: Solar-Powered Coolers and Totes From Traveler's Choice
CES 2011: Powerful Bike-Powered Light and Charger by Jooyn
CES 2011: Solar-Powered iPhone Skins and Robot-Like Roadside Lights from Eton
CES 2011: eddy Wind Turbine Vies For a Spot on Your Roof
CES 2011: Tablet Devices Make e-Readers Look So Last Season
CES 2011: Goal0's Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions for Serious Adventurers

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Sustainability in Electronics Industry
Sustainability as a whole is a bigger topic of conversation among manufacturers each year. This year was no exception. Every manufacturer had at least a few talking points about their sustainability efforts, but what that means to the industry's impact on the environment is still up for debate. Here's some of the major green points from CES:

CES 2011: How Green Is the Gadget Industry? New Report Talks Progress
CES 2011: Does The Sustainable Planet Zone Need to Disappear?
CES 2011: What Does the 3D TV Rush Mean For Our Energy Consumption?
CES 2011: What Does Energy Efficiency Mean for Electronics Innovation?
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