Hemp Plastic: Not Just For Sandals Anymore

With oil prices climbing all over the world, plastics manufacturers are looking to alternative sources of raw material that don't rely on synthetics. British company Hemp Plastics thinks it's on the right track to producing a 100% hemp feedstock plastic. It's current formulation, which uses hemp fiber filler bound with recycled plastic (a petrochemical component which they to replace with a hemp starch polymer) is lightweight, super tough, and even with its oil-based binder, uses far less petroleum than a comparable piece of polycarbonate...We previously profiled their CD cases, and now they are selling a spice grinder and kitchen scale as well. All sales go raise capital to continue their research into a better formula of plastic. They also have created drums, guitars, and didgeridoo molded from the material, and further inquiry might allow their purchase. For us, the cardboardesque color seems a small price to pay for higher durability and a drastic reduction in plastic usage. Prices for the scale and grinder are higher than you would normally pay -- the kitchen scale is $60 US -- but the product is nice, and the cause is important. :: Hemp Plastic Research