Hawaii Recognizes a "Message In the Waves" About Plastic (Video)

After seeing the incredibly sad images yesterday shot by Chris Jordan, that show what plastics in the oceans are doing to birds - and to many other marine species - the message above couldn't be more clear. And it also could be exactly what we have to look forward to indefinitely.As Philippe Cousteau points out, plastic is forever - every piece ever created still exists. That means we have an obligation to be responsible with it, and to clean up what we've already dumped. Aside from being a lethal "food" source, the plastics found in the ocean are potentially leaching deadly chemicals.

Back in May, researchers headed out to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to see what clean-up efforts might be attempted. Unfortunately, researchers who head out there are usually dumbstruck at the sheer amount of plastic. And that's just in one concentrated - admittedly massively concentrated - section of the ocean. That's not counting the mounds of plastics in landfills, shorelines, and city streets. Or, what is created each day.

As the video shows, some people get the message, however. Helping to keep plastics out of the oceans and away from birds, leatherback turtles, and other marine life needs to be at the top of the to-do list if we don't want to see it collected and delivered to our doorsteps like this:

chris jordan bird plastic photo

Image via Chris Jordan
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