Have Humans Pushed Earth Past the Tipping Point? (Video)


Image via Inhabitat

Here's a nice, quick video that sums up the myriad environmental woes that humans have perpetrated (and are perpetrating) on our poor ol' planet. The vid presents the question of whether we've passed a tipping point: whether the earth is salvageable from our many environmental malpractices, including excessive carbon pollution, forest degradation, ocean acidification and the like. In other words, it's a cheery way to start your week.Here's the vid, from the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment:

The research for the video was drawn from an article published in the science journal Nature entitled Planetary Boundaries: A Safe Operating Space for Humanity.

The underlying idea, of course, is a simple one that TreeHugger was founded to help promote: that human beings can live comfortably while consuming less resources. This doesn't mean "energy rationing" or forcing everyone to adopt soy-only diets or abolishing cars (regardless of the charges some of the paranoid fringe hurl at us). It means instituting a paradigm shift wherein clean energy source replace dirty ones, food and water are more locally and responsibly consumed and used, excessive consumerism is curbed, and so on. This video's just a friendly reiteration that we've got a lot of work yet to do.

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