Has Anyone Wished You a 'Happy Solar New Year'?

Happy Solar New Year Arizona 2010
Credit: Osha Gray Davidson.

If not, then let me be the first. And the first to tell you about the (possible) origins of the term. Osha Gray Davidson, editor of The Phoenix Sun, a blog about solar power, has been going around wishing people a "Happy Solar New Year" for 2010. Davidson has been showing off the photo above, too, of a single solar panel against a hunk of red rock. "I took the individual images last June near Monument Valley and merged them into a panorama on New Year's Eve," Davidson says.

"It was a small adventure to get the shots—had to climb for a half hour to get slightly above the solar panel and still have the vista to the right. It was a lot of fun, actually. The truly full-size image is much larger—but it doesn't fit on a computer screen."

Where do the wires run? To a small nearby church.

"I don't know anything more about the panel itself, sorry." Davidson says.

"That would have meant another climb and my family was waiting—we were returning from an overnight rafting trip on the Colorado north of Moab."

Davidson admits to thinking up the "Happy Solar New Year" greeting, which, entirely original or not, isn't doing too bad, with 17,000+ hits on Google.

As for a Happy Solar New Year: Some experts are predicting growth in 2010, due in part to utility-scale solar projects going online.

The first reader to chime in with more details on the lonely panel will receive good karma in 2010.

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