Happiness Hat Forces You to Smile - Is This How We'll Get Through Climate Change? (Video)

happiness hat from Lauren McCarthy on Vimeo.

It's a hat. That hooks up to your head. And plants an uncontrollable smile on it. There's no getting around it...you're forced to smile. Or suffer the consequences. They say that forcing yourself to smile is the quickest way to actually feeling happier - something with the muscles cuing the brain that you're happy and automatically releasing happy chemicals so your mouth and mind match up. However, would the same trick play out if you smile only because a metal spike is poking you in the head until you finally do? Core77 shows off this design by interactive artist and designer Lauren McCarthy - The Happiness Hat. It's a "wearable conditioning device" -- so could we use it to force ourselves to smile as we stare down all the major problems of the planet at once? Maybe a forced smile will actually make us happier, and therefore more optimistic, and therefore more productive. Who knows... but it doesn't look like something I particularly want to try out.

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