Hand-Held Leaf Burners: A New Trend?


On a trip to Cologne, Germany, this man was seen incinerating leaves with a hand-held burner in front of a posh hotel. The device is most likely composed of a propane fuel tank, a fuel hose, a metal wand with a burner head, and a control valve for controlling the gas. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leaf burning leads to air pollution, health problems, and fire hazards. Tiny carcinogenic cancer-causing particles in the smoke can slip into the lungs and set up camp for several years. So this device could be a green alternative in areas where composting is not possible, if clean burning. The cons: It is uncomfortably loud, expensive, and requires fuel. From farmers to the Queen of England, people are already starting to use these hand-held burners as weed killers, effectively replacing pesticides. But for leaves? The jury is still out. ::Environmental Protection Agency