Hand Cranked Cell Phone Charger

We have shown many solar phone chargers, but the sun isn't always shining when you need to make a call. We have seen crank-up chargers as well, but we like this combination flashlight and crankup charger for cell phones for a lot of reasons: 1) it is good emergency backup (designed in Japan for earthquakes and other disasters) 2) it has built in red and white LEDs for additional emergency use, which can be set to white to act as a flashlight or flashing red as an emergency beacon; 3) with cellphone bills as high as they are, one should have to work a bit to make a call. 4) Imagine how many fewer people would be driving with cell phones to their ears if they had to stop and crank it up every eight minutes. (although many would figure out a way to drive, crank and talk at the same time) 5) only 2,000 yen or 20 bucks. ::Nodaya via ::Trendhunter

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