Haier WasH2O, the Detergent-Free Washing Machine


TreeHugger is always on the lookout for ways to cut back on the resources and stuff we need to get by on a day-to-day basis, and it doesn't get much more routine than laundry. We've seen some good green options in the past -- LG's steam machine and Bosch's Nexxt Washer are a few water-sippers out there, and Sanyo's Aqua washer uses ozone to wash -- but the Haier WasH20 cuts out the detergent and washes with a common chemical substance called dihydrogen monoxide. It breaks down the substance (if you're concerned about the potential dangers, read more about it here) into OH- and H+ ions; OH- acts as the cleaning agent by attracting and retaining stains while the H+ ions sterilizes the clothes. It's currently available in France for a shade less than a grand; could we see a jump stateside soon? ::WasH2O (site in French) via ::Freshome

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