Growing Artificial Coral In The Red Sea

How can we protect delicate coral habitat while still letting divers marvel at the underwater rainforest of life? Israeli scientist Dr. Nadav Shashar from Ben Gurion University sent us this YouTube video of a new project he is working on with Jordanian scientists: An artificial coral reef in the Red Sea. Known for some of the best diving in the world, the Red Sea is suffering unprecedented abuse in recent years due to pollution from fish farming, human factors and the change in water temperature due to global warming.

By building an artificial reef out of netting and concrete, reports Al Jazeera, scientists hope to be able to attract divers to this new underwater habitat while leaving the natural coral intact to regenerate and repair. We can also imagine it is a perfect underwater experiment for preserving species diversity. TreeHugger related: Artificial Coral & Side-effects for Corals ::YouTube

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