Greenwash Watch: Slick Movies from GE Ecomagination


GE's Josh Karpf points us to a revamp of their website with a series of short films about GE ecomagination narrated by Kevin Kline, who we have loved since Silverado. Beautifully photographed with bucolic backgrounds, they have grapes growing in Napa on a solar powered winery, Bambi romping through the woods in Ireland in a piece on Irish wind turbines, powerful but efficient locomotives in Erie Pennsylvania and more. Perhaps the pace is a bit slow for this Youtube world, but they are effective pieces that demonstrate real progress. However, we will never consider them truly green until they either sell off their nuclear division or admit to it on their products list instead of hiding it. After all, they call nuclear "one of the many solutions to establishing a more sustainable energy future for the entire world."- why isn't it up there with the Biogas Engines on the Ecomagination product list? ::GE Ecomagination Showcase

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