GreenPeak Cutting Batteries From Wireless Sensor Networks

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When it comes to wireless energy monitoring and conservation, batteries take the bang out of the buck. They are always running out of juice and need replacement. That’s an annoying fact that multiple companies with multiple technologies have been working to fix, and GreenPeak is one such company. GreenPeak offers a new technology that ditches batteries all together. GreenPeak finds the reliance on batteries especially frustrating when dealing with wireless sensor networks – networks that allow communication between home appliances and the utility company, for example, or a whole range of other uses.

A better, and more convenient source of power for wireless networks is nabbing smaller amounts of solar or kinetic energy – just enough needed to keep the networks running. Plus, running on renewable energy underscores the purpose of smart grid systems.

Wireless sensor networks don’t need much juice to run, and so harvesting energy from the surrounding environment – like vibrations, temperature changes, and so on – is a great way to eliminate the need for batteries.

The wireless technology is built off of ZigBee standards, making it compatible with existing smart grid industry standards (though these standards are still in flux). Focusing mainly on the US as its market, GreenPeaks is working to get its technology built into wireless sensor systems here in the states.

Considering the big push for better energy metering in homes, along with a wide range of other uses, it’s no wonder there is such potential for a company like GreekPeak.

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