Greenpeace Frowning at HP, Lenovo and Dell in Latest Electronics Guide

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HP, Lenovo and Dell are in the hot house with Greenpeace, who shows them as failing to make any real improvements since the last go-round on the group's greener electronics guide. They each get slapped on the wrist for backtracking on their commitments to eliminate PVC plastic and brominated flame retardants from their products by end of this year. However, there is good news for a few other big names in the electronics game. Greenpeace reports that LGE, Toshiba and Motorola all have moved up in ranking, while Sony has dropped way down from 5th to 12th place, mainly due to its lack of effort on the e-waste recycling front. Meanwhile, Apple is praised for its noticeable lack of PVCs and BFRs in its products.

We couldn't agree more with this statement made by Greenpeace International Toxics Campaigner Tom Dowdall:

"It's ridiculous that some companies, such as Dell, are busy challenging Apple's advertising claims when Apple is clearly leading its competitors on toxics phase out. All PC companies should be concentrating on matching or beating Apple's lead on this important issue," said Dowdall.

However we have to point out that Dell is up in Apple's face about recycling, which is Dell's claim to green fame right now, and not about toxic materials, an area in which Dell is clearly lagging behind.

Download the detailed report at Greenpeace.

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