Greenpeace App Solves Your Paper Purchasing Woes

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Image via Greenpeace

Mobile phone apps that help consumers make more eco-friendly choices are coming out right and left, like 3rdWhale, Good Guide, and Locavore. But what if you just want to know about...paper? Greenpeace decided to hop on the app bandwagon and fill this little shopping niche. Greenpeace Tissue Guide aims to help shoppers make better tissue and paper purchasing decisions. Realistically, it's pretty unlikely that the app will be used very often at all, except by super conscious shoppers. But considering the far more worthless apps on the market that people add to their phones and never use, we can't roll our eyes too much about this one. It's kind of like carrying around a sea food guide, only it's on your phone, and it's for paper.

The app's features include:

* More than 100 brands in 4 categories: Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Paper Napkins, Facial Tissues
* Search for brands or browse by product category
* Ratings based on expert analysis
* Find brands that are recommended, brands that could do better, and brands to avoid

It's also free, so why not...

Via 3rdWhale
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Greenpeace App Solves Your Paper Purchasing Woes
Image via Greenpeace

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