Green:Net Using Solar Power for Conference's WiFi Network

green:net conference solar wifi screenshot image

Green:Net 09 is rapidly approaching. The event, being held March 24 in San Francisco, focuses on how the tools of the Internet can be used to fight global climate change. It's something we talk about a lot here on TreeHugger, for obvious reasons, and we're excited to be attending the conference and sharing with you all the great happenings. Best of all, Green:Net is walking the walk already, teaming up with Meraki Solar to provide solar-powered wireless for attendees. Meraki Solar is a company we've talked about on TreeHugger before - they want to push the idea of Internet access for all, and they provide solar powered wi-fi units that will hopefully be spotted at businesses, parks and other locations across the country.

So, it seems only natural that a company like Meraki will power Green:Net, the first green conference for the IT industry.

Stay tuned for more coverage coming next week!

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