Green:Net 2010 - Top Start-Ups Show What's Next for Clean Tech

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Last week, the Green:Net conference showed off their top picks for start-up companies to watch. The ten companies were selected by Earth2Tech as having "the 'right stuff' to succeed in the marketplace." The companies, all vying for investor attention and a position in the clean tech sector, act as an arrow pointing to where the attention is directed in upcoming technology, and that's primarily energy efficiency. Check out the companies that we should all be keeping an eye on.
Green:Net announced their top ten companies to watch as edging into the green tech marketplace:

People Power is an energy efficiency company providing residential monitoring and control solutions, including tools for developers to build solutions on the Open Source Home Area Network platform (OSHAN).

VECARIUS develops advanced battery and power management products that improve fuel economy and increase energy efficiency of vehicles by combining energy harvesting, routing intelligence, and delivery adaptability.

ecoATM Based in San Diego, Calif., ecoATM, the only company to provide automated systems for recycling consumer electronics.

Building Solutions performs home energy audits and energy efficiency home improvements and is launching a scalable, portable software solution for comprehensive audits and prioritized recommendations.

GE Digital Energy - Power Quality has technology that delivers superior performance and industry-leading energy efficiency for facility power management.

energics With the vision of Smart Grid 3.0 enabled by proactive intelligence™, energics patented technology - intelligence for energy® - delivers innovation across energy's new landscape.

ecoVouch is a Social Location based directory platform that allows sustainable businesses to communicate effectively to participants through display ads, vouchers or a loyalty program.

Soneter modifies water consumption behavior in the multifamily housing industry using innovative, non-invasive meter technology, providing reduced water consumption and improved property valuation.

Carbon Voyage provides a service to reduce the financial cost and environmental impact of travel for individuals and organizations.

EcoDomus brings benefits of BIM to facility management. Our 3D BIM software integrates BIM with Facility Maintenance and Building Automation systems for green building intelligence.

Most of the companies are focused on energy efficiency, with good reason. It's a no brainer that increased energy efficiency means decreased dependence on new power plants. The energy consumption and carbon footprint of buildings alone is huge, so focusing on better management of energy in homes, offices, manufacturing plants and so on is a big deal - and a big market. It's also great to see some strong start-ups focused on water management, and reducing the carbon footprint of travel and business communication.

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