Green:Net 2009: Who is the Green Audience, and What Makes Them Care? (Video)

green web greennet panel photo

How is the Internet shaping environmentalism among the masses? Companies who launch their services online have to know in order to reach their audience and make a difference. A panel of experts at Green:Net talked about knowing their audience and the focus they have to put on their services to get people to pay attention. GoodGuide's CEO Dara O'Rourke talks about why people care about being green, and it doesn't have much to do with global climate change.

It makes perfect sense that people would be more concerned about how global warming affects them than about the issue as a bigger picture. So it also makes sense that you have to appeal to that fact if you hope to be an online success. Yahoo Green's Erin Carlson talks about the profiles of the green audience members, and how to get them to like green issues when they are looking for something more personalized.

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