Green:Net 2009: Mayor Gavin Newsom Kicks Off Green Tech Conference (Video)

mayor gavin newsome greennet photo

Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

According to Mayor Gavin Newsom, it's remarkably easy for cities to cut carbon emissions significantly. It's just that no one seems to be doing it. Click through to listen to Mayor Newsom's opening remarks. Mayor Newsom talks about stepping up to the plate when it came to implementing items lined out in the Kyoto Protocol.

San Francisco has already launched some great projects to reduce carbon footprints, from banning plastic bags and stryrofoam take-out containers, to leading in tailpipe emissions reductions. And that's just the start. Mayor Newsom discussed what the city has already done, and gave an overview of all the new programs waiting to be implemented from the smart grid to water issues. It's appropriate to have a conference like Green:Net in a city that is so enthusiastic about shrinking a big city's carbon footprint drastically at a very quick pace.

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