Green:Net 2009: Debuting the 10 Start-Ups to Follow

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Photos via Jaymi Heimbuch

A final event at Green:Net 2009 was the LaunchPad. Ten start-ups, many never-before-seen, had an opportunity to pitch themselves to the audience. The audience and a panel of judges decided the best start-up. Check out the contenders and the winner.

Visible Energy - Makes smart products for consumers that capture and visualize electricity consumption in living spaces.

Packet Power - Gives IT executives the insight into data center electrical power consumption they need to effectively manage power usage.

FarmsReach - A web platform for local, sustainable food logistics between restaurants and producers.

dot UI - Maximizing the SmartGrid ROI by getting EVERYONE to change their energy usage behavior and habits without disrupting their lifestyle and comfort.

GreenWizard - An online marketplace and workflow solution for sustainable construction, empowering architects, engineers, and contractors to build greener buildings, for less money, in less time.

Lost Joules - An online platform where consumers compete to influence energy behaviors.

Wattbot - a free web-based, automatic, energy expert that simplifies the design, financing and purchase of clean energy solutions.

One did it Ltd. - Wants to dissuade consumer's attention to reduce natural resources consumption.

The Almanac - Mission is to help consumers understand and take responsibility for their consumption and its impacts.

BLDG 2.0 - An open-source interface to building performance databases, a collaborative community, and a marketplace for solutions addressing building energy performance.

After giving presentations, getting judged by a panel, and seeing the votes the audience cast via text message, the winner of LaunchPad was Wattobot (thanks to the judges), though FarmsReach was most popular among the audience.

Many of these companies haven't even started rounding up funding for their projects, but they were chosen for the LaunchPad because they show an incredible amount of potential. So keep your eye out when it comes to these top 10 innovators.

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