Green:Net 2009: Bob Metcalfe Says Green is Not a Good Color (Video)

bob metcalfe at green:net 2009 photoPhotos via Jaymi Heimbuch

Bob Metcalfe, General Partner of Polaris Venture Partners, gave the morning keynote at Green:Net 2009. In it, he discussed how the internet and energy consumption blend with one another. Two things really stood out from his talk. Click through to watch video.First, he stated that when we solve our energy issues, we will use millions of times more energy than we do today in the same way that we use millions of times more bandwidth now than we did when the internet got started. He states we'll be using energy on space travel, water purification and desalination, and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Here, he talks about how energy use is not a bad thing - it's how we generate it that is the problem.

And here, he talks about a second stand-out subject - picking a color to represent the Internet movement. Turns out "green" is associated with too many "anti"s - anti-establishment, anti-capitalism, and so on. While that can be debated until the cows come home, what is interesting is the color finally chosen for the "Enernet" movement and what it represents.

Here's the full recorded speech:

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