GreenMap's New iPhone App Helps You Find The Green Hotspots Nearby

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We love GreenMap. It's a crowd-sourced map of all the great green stuff in cities all over the world. Launched last year, the online resource now is available as an iPhone app. GreenMap allows users to chart and search green events, businesses, sights, travel and anything else green and cool. The information is plotted on a Google map so that wherever you go, you'll be able to find your way around as greenly as possible.

GreenMap's new app makes it even easier - at least for those with an iPhone - to use the information. But if you have a smart phone, you can still access the info on your phone thanks to their new mobile website. Plus, the app is free!

"Ideal for locals and tourists alike, both [the app and mobile website] feature the beta version of "What's Green Nearby?™" a handy tool for connecting with green resources on the go. Drawing from over 8800 sites contributed to the interactive Open Green Map sustainability mapping platform by local Green Map teams, this beta version delights users as it guides them to farmers markets, green buildings, gardens and heritage sites that help everyone make greener, healthier, low-impact choices."

Awesome! It's still in beta, so check it out and give feedback for improvements so the green world can be even easier to navigate.

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