Greener Gadgets 2010: What's the Greenest Gadget of The Year?

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The Greener Gadgets competition has begun. Gearing up for the Greener Gadgets conference in New York City on February 25, the Consumer Electronics Association has kicked off a competition to see what is the greenest gadget idea of the year. Will it be the Orange Solar Tent, which charges up your camp site? Or AUG, a barcode system that helps you find locally produced goods? Or will it be Corky, a computer mouse made of cork that is charged by the movement of your hand? You get to decide! Check out the 18 entrants and find out how to vote. The 18 entrants range from energy chargers, to smart energy devices, from lights to tents to subwoofers. Your vote will determine the finalists for the competition, and a panel of expert designers and green thinkers will choose the winner.

Last year, the audience choice was Tweet-A-Watt, though there were several entries that caught our eye as being potentially useful.

Greener Gadgets More Than Just a Competition!
The Greener Gadgets conference is about much more than determining smart concept designs. There's a whole line-up of excellent speakers, including Yves Behar, Founder of fuseproject, Leonardo Bonanni, Founder of Sourcemap, Robert Fabricant, Vice President of Frog Design Inc, and many more.

Plus, TreeHugger will be there! I'll be on a panel talking with Jeff Omelchuck
Founder and Director of Green Electronics Council, the organization behind EPEAT, finding out the ins and outs of green electronics rankings.

If you're in NYC on February 25, this is a great event to put on your calendar. And even if you can't make it to the conference, be sure to vote for which idea you think will make for the greenest gadget concept for 2010.

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