Greener Gadgets 2009: How Do We Go Beyond Green Products to Job Creation in the Developing World? (Video)

At Greener Gadgets 2009 there were several really interesting and compelling issues brought up during the Green Design for Good panel discussion. In this clip, Emily Pilloton of Project H Design asks what role do green designers have in creating enterprises in the developing world. Is there a greater responsibility that just creating good products, but also helping to create a system that helps benefit the local economy:Mark Bent of SunNight Solar relates his experience with the issue, which is certainly interesting, but it's really the point made by Gadi Amit of NewDealDesign towards the end of the segment that caught my attention. Amit posits that not everyone can be a computer programmer, or ought to be, either in the developing world or in more wealthy nations. In both places we have lost or are losing a sense of value in craft and the craftsman.

OK, so Amit doesn't quite go this far in this clip, but I picked his brain about it afterwards to flesh out the idea. In any case, I think it's an important issue and one which is intimately tied to the idea of designing products that last longer and are of high quality.

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