GreenCam App Turns Your Computer Screen Off When You Walk Away

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The screen's backlight is one of the biggest energy hogs of the computer. Most of us already have our computer's power saving mode enabled that turns the screen off after a couple minutes of inactivity, but a new app from Brazilian company Ecobeneficios turns the screen off the second you step away, shaving down your computer energy consumption a little bit more.

The so-called GreenCam app uses the computer's built-in camera as a presence sensor. As soon as it detects that you've moved away from the screen, it shuts it off so whenever you're not using the computer, it's automatically using less energy. This is especially nice for those times when you're just walking away for a minute and wouldn't normally power down or turn off the screen manually. The app automates the action so you can save energy without taking any extra action.

While one person using this app may only save a small slice of energy and money, this type of technology can make a much bigger impact when used by many. Imagine the savings that could be seen by a whole office building using this app or a company using it across all of its facilities. These minor energy savings can really add up when they're done by many.

You can check out a video describing the app below.

GreenCam App Turns Your Computer Screen Off When You Walk Away
The app uses your computer's camera as a presence sensor to turn the screen off as soon as you're away from it.

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