Green Tech Investments Have Positive Outlook for 2009

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While many investments look sketchy for 2009, venture capitalists expect green technology to receive strong funding according to a KPMG survey. In fact, many believe investments could grow by as much as 20%

KPGM polled 301 venture capitalists, company execs and bankers to feel out their thoughts on what will happen with green tech funding in the new year. Roughly half of them say green tech investing will grow by 20% or more, and about 34% expect to see it grow from 10-19%.
Investments Will Span Green Energy Sectors

Investors have a few gut feelings about where investing will go. Energy storage, clean coal, and wind power are the three areas most VCs think fund will end up, with solar power a close runner up.

While green tech investing will be relatively strong, it won’t be as strong as we may wish it to be, considering all the issues our economy is currently struggling with. Technological developments in energy storage are vital to help grow the quickly evolving wind and solar industries – two technologies that are our most likely future for renewable energy.

Even our own survey of TreeHuggers shows nearly a third of you believe green tech has no where to go but up.

With so much at stake, clean energy sources may appear to be just the change we all need to see, financially and environmentally, helping to bolster investing and prevent a possible bubble in the industry.

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