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It's pretty easy to find greenies on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, but if you want a community that is specifically geared towards getting green-minded people together, you might want to check out the new website CoolTribe. CoolTribe calls itself the "international social networking site with a green conscience" and its purpose is to take the hassle out of hunting down fellow green thinkers in larger social networking groups.

The site pulls together everything people might want in a social network - from meeting great people, to finding out about environmental activism, to staying updated on news all shared by users. And like other sites such as Facebook and MySpace, there are groups, but here, they're called tribes in order to promote more of a feeling of solidarity and loyalty.

CoolTribe is brand new - currently still in beta - but is worth looking into if you're searching for a green network.

We also highly suggest joining up with WiserEarth, which is a very advanced networking website based on environmentalism. It's definitely a great one to be part of if you're looking for causes, people, places, businesses and more that center around the green movement.

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