Green PC Toolbar With Eco-Features For Computer, Printing, and Beyond

greendaily pC toolbar image

Image via GreenDailyGreenDaily
GreenDaily has launched a handy dandy toolbar for your PC that'll help you green up not only your computer settings, but also your printing and life in general. Toolbars and add-ons can be an easy way to green up your PC's power settings. This one from GreenDaily gives you not only that option, but can also adjust your print margins for you, helping you to use up to 15% less paper. And, it gives you little eco-tips in your browser so you can green up other areas of your computer use and life. Pretty cool.

You can download it through GreenDaily. But heads up: you need to use it on IE, Firefox or Flock on a PC running Windows Vista/XP or a Mac OS X.

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