Green Erg Device Rolls Behind You For "Lots" of Kinetic Power

green erg device image

Photo via Green Erg

This is, well, strange. It's a device you can drag around behind you to gather kinetic energy. Called the Green Erg, it is a human-powered electricity-generator developed by Dr. Cedrick Ngalande, who hopes that it will be a solution for cheap electricity for rural Africans.Earthtechling writes that while it lacks style, it can still claim versatility since it allows users to generate electricity through walking, bike riding, and really any activity where something like this can be easily drug being. "Farmers can even attach it to their ox-carts, cattle or horses!"

However, we suspect that terrain will play a role in how efficient the Green Erg is in gathering electricity. And should we even bother pointing out the fact that kinetic energy is one of the least efficient, most hassle-filled ways of generating a charge for devices? And in terms of just how much power this device could generate, the company only specifies, "lots."

Inexpensive solar power is typically a far better solution for rural Africans, rather than being harnessed to a cumbersome roller device.

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