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Do you shop online? Do you try to go to the green websites to keep your footprint at a minimum? Maybe you wish there was a way to donate to green causes without actually spending extra?

Green Any Site hopes to solve these online shopping dreams with their clever widget. While they have a rather unfortunate – or highly fortunate, depending on your perspective – acronym, GAS has come up with a smart way to get online shoppers to be a little greener while spending their money.

Basically, they have created a widget that makes them an instant affiliate for whatever website you’re shopping from. You don’t have to go through their website in order to peruse, add to your cart, and check out like a regular affiliate site. Instead, you just browse whatever site you want, and click on their bookmarklet before you add an item to your cart. A window pops up asking if you want to green your purchase, and when you click yes, your purchase is directly associated with them as an affiliate.

They then take 100% of the profit earned through their affiliate status and donate it to environmental organizations. Some sites offer as much as 25% of the purchase price of each item, so the donation can be pretty substantial.

Of course, it only works with websites that actually have affiliate programs, but turns out, that’s the majority of shopping sites. In an email correspondence with Good Clean Tech, GAS’s founder Tal Ater says:

"That is less of a problem than it sounds. The majority of the shopping online is done on sites with affiliate programs... I was surprised at the number of sites that don't advertise an affiliate program but still have one if you know where to look (e.g., Apple)."

You can download the widget to start using it, and if you want to have a say in where the profit goes, you can register at the site to vote for where all the earnings for that month will go, as well as track how much you’ve raised through your purchases. GAS promises that its earnings will be as transparent as possible, and disclosure of revenues will be available soon in its blog.

Via Good Clean Tech
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