Grass-Covered Computer Mouse (...and Cell Phone, and Car, and...)

grass covered mouse image

Image via Hanaoka

Is this the new wave of accessories to go along with all the bamboo-covered computer devices on the market? Japanese artist Hanaoka likes to cover stuff in grass, including this interesting-looking computer mouse. But it's not the only thing Hanaoka likes to cover in grass (-imitating substances). The artist also enjoys coating cars, fashion accessories, and other gadgets in what we can only assume to be some sort of astroturf. While that's not exactly green, the charity to which he donates a portion of sales to, is. According to CNET, "Hanaoka donates 50 percent of his proceedings to a nonprofit called Shibafu Sprit, which aims to make Osaka-area schoolyards green (Shibafu is word for grass in Japanese)."

grass covered stuff image

We can think of a cubicle where this mouse would really fit in - one complete with living walls and a grass mat, and a computer that grows plants... Maybe one day we won't be able to tell our offices from the forest. Nice...

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