Graham Hill Shows How We Can Halve Our Emissions at GEL Conference

Graham Hill at Gel 2009 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.

Video via: GEL Conference

At this year's GEL (Good Experience Live) Conference, Graham Hill was asked to speak on this thing called climate change and just what can we do about it. This funny and fascinating 20-minute presentation offers the 3 most efficient and effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint while saving precious time and money (and no he doesn't say that we should each do just one small thing).Brace for impact, Hill says, we need to start thinking bigger. Who cares if we create a product that can be recycled but we lack the facilities to recycle that product? And if we really look at the impact of one small step, we'd realize we're not really doing anything - we need a big step times a lot of people to actually have meaningful impact. But, if the average american produces roughly 20 tons CO2 per year and scientists say the goal is to be at 3-4 tons CO2 per year, just how exactly are we going to do that?

According to Hill, by following his simple "weight loss" plan just one day a week, you can save $1000, lose 10 tons of carbon and be healthier. The tips offered are really fascinating such as how a NY-Bangkok trip generates half of your annual carbon emissions - in one trip! Yikes! So, choosing your plane and combining trips really does impact the emissions your generate. Essentially by becoming a smarter shopper, (food, flying, green power) you can at least cut your emissions in half, which is a bigger impact than just using a canvas shopping bag.

To find out exactly what the plan is and how to do it, you can wait for your chance to see Graham in your city or get a sneak peek at the climate change solutions now by checking out the GEL presentation. The GEL Conference, is an event that brings together speakers in "business, technology, art, society and life" to talk about their latest and cutting edge ventures. Since the first GEL in 2003, the conferences have expanded to focus on specific topics (medical, etc) and have also expanded to global venues. All GEL presentations can be watched online at :GEL Conference.
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