Google's PowerMeter Hits the UK. All Part of the Plan for Smart Grid Global Domination.

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Images via Google and AlertMe

Google's home energy dashboard PowerMeter has just hit the UK, becoming available for residents to watch every last watt and cut back where possible. Just as in the US, consumers need to be hooked up with a utility that has partnered with Google, or you need to have a power monitor device that has partnered with Google. In the UK, that means being connected to First:Utility, or buying an AlertMe. According to Google's blog, First:Utility is the only utility in the UK so far to offer smart meters to its customers, and currently serves about 30,000 households. For those not linked up with First:Utility (read: the vast majority of electricity users), they can get an AlertMe - a power monitoring device we discussed about a year ago - which will now link up users to their energy consumption data on Google's PowerMeter dashboard.

While the rest of the smart grid seems to be dragging its feet, Google is plowing forward and taking no prisoners. One of the most important, and productive, steps in getting people to curb energy use (the vital step in ending our reliance on dirty power) is to put their energy usage data right in front of them. Google seems to be the quickest, easiest way to get that so far.

Smart grid start've got a big beast to contend with now.

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