Google Bringing Street View to Hiking Trails

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Over the past few years, Google Street View maps have let us explore the world from our laptops. The maps have given us tours around cities and the Amazon; gone along the Rhaetian Railways of the Swiss Alps and inside the White House. Now, with new equipment, Street View will be able to take us along on the world's best hiking trails.

Google's Lat Long Blog announced:

Today, we’re taking another step forward with our Street View Trekker. You’ve seen our cars, trikes, snowmobiles and trolleys—but wheels only get you so far. There’s a whole wilderness out there that is only accessible by foot. Trekker solves that problem by enabling us to photograph beautiful places such as the Grand Canyon so anyone can explore them.

The Trekker is 40-pound set up that includes 15 five-megapixel cameras, a hard drive and two batteries for a day's worth of shooting, all contained in a backpack. The Trekker will allow Google's Street View team to explore national parks, ruins, castles and other great hikes all while capturing and uploading photos of the trek.

The video below shows off the Trekker.

Whether we'll use this new feature to plan a hike or to remotely visit a trail too far away for us to hike ourselves, we can now add this to the list of ways technology can bring us closer to wildlife.

Google Bringing Street View to Hiking Trails
Google's Trekker will let its Street View team capture some of the world's greatest sights by foot.

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