Google Streetview Catches Alleged Tree Killers on Camera

google streetview image

Image via Wired

A resident in Canada illegally removed 23 cypress and evergreen trees from her property. While neighbors alerted the police, it was the Google Streetview camera that managed to capture the incident on camera. Is this Google avenging the lives of 23 lost trees? It wouldn't be the first time the controversial photography project has had interactions wildlife - in less fortunate ways. Wired reports, "Last May in Vancouver, Margaret Burnyeat allegedly hired a company to remove 23 cedar, cypress and evergreen trees from two adjacent lots she owned. Neighbors alerted the police, who found some stumps that hadn't yet been removed.

Luckily for the city, one of Google's Street View cameras...caught some of the culprits in action... Authorities say they're uncertain whether they'll use the Google image in their prosecution."

Burnyeat had permits to remove just 2 of the 23 trees, but all of them got the ax, unfortunately.

Could Streetview capturing this on camera make up for a past mistake? Perhaps you recall last April when a Streetview car hit a deer...and the photos were actually posted.

Luckily, the newer Streetview trikes are less likely to harm wildlife and our atmosphere, and more likely to go on their merry way of recording the scenery of our streets.

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