Google Puts Green House Gases on the Map....Literally

google emissions map image

The United Nations Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC) has teamed up with several Googlers to make greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions something more than just numbers on a page. Taking information about emissions enerated by a number of industrialized countries, they've made emissions visual. According to Google's blog, one of the main purposes of putting together the map is to give scientists, decision-makers, media and the general public a new way to access and understand GHG emissions data collected since 1990, and perhaps to the point that it will have an impact on the climate change agreement to be hammered out in Copenhagen at the end of this year.

You can look at GHGs from different sectors, including energy, industrial and so on, as well as see comparisons of the different gases, categories, and more.

It's an interesting tool to use to see how countries compare against one another and over time. Another Google map we love shows the US carbon emissions. Being able to see the information about GHGs in such a visual way, rather than numbers or flat graphs, it's helpful in absorbing its full meaning.

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