Google PowerMeter Working on Smart Meter Mimicking Tool (Video)

google powermeter interview with tom sly photo

Image via video screengrab

Google has been working away on its PowerMeter project, which everyone in the field of green energy technology is watching carefully. In an interview with Earth2Tech, PowerMeter team member Tom Sly said they are working with device manufacturers to come up with a tool that mimics a smart meter. According to sly, the tool would give consumers who don't have a smart meter the same ability to monitor and change their consumption habits, though it wouldn't interact with utilities. We aren't sure how this would differ from power monitors already around that can "mimic" a smart meter. But we're sure Google has something up their sleeve to make whatever they're creating stand out.

Additionally, for folks eagerly waiting for PowerMeter to be released, word is they hope to have it out of private beta and into consumers' homes by the end of the year.

Via Earth2Tech
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