Google Map Turns Envelope Into Directions to Party

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A key element of party invitations is including in the envelope directions on how to get to the location. But what if the envelope is the directions? We love this idea for an envelope that unfolds into a Google map that not only reduces how much paper space is used up on directions, but also just makes for a great looking envelope. In these days of everything electronic, really the only thing that still comes through our mailboxes are a few random pieces of junk mail and cards or invitations to parties and events. So while a greener invite is one sent via email with a link to the Google Map that someone can open on their mobile phone as they make their way to the event, it's not really as fun as sending a hard copy in the mail. Reducing waste is of course as important as making the invite look awesome, and this Mapenvelope idea from graphic designer Beste Miray solves both.

This one was a winner among several of us TreeHuggers who are keeping our eyes out for unique wedding invitation ideas. Unplugged points out that you can simply use a printable envelope template. By printing in black rather than color, and putting the satellite image just on the top flap, with step-by-step directions on the rest of the interior, you can save on ink. It certainly won't save you on time, but it'll look really cool when your guests open up their invites.

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