Google Lists The Top Green Search Trends of 2011

Are people really interested in raising backyard chickens? Do they care about reusable diapers? According to Google's most popular eco-minded search topics of 2011, the answer is yes, yes they do. In fact, those were two of the most popular searches of the year in green.

Last week, Google released the 11th annual Zeitgeist, a compilation of data about popular search terms. So what are some of the most popular? Here's a brief summary:

Most Popular Sustainable Topics
1. Sustainable Development
2. Sustainable Energy
3. Sustainable Agriculture

Most Popular Environmental Topics
1. How to Compost
2. What is Vegan
3. What Causes Earthquakes

Most Popular Rare Wild Animals
1. Red Panda
2. Ocelot
3. Tapir

Most Popular Alternative Energy Types
1. Solar
2. Nuclear Power
3. Wind Energy

Most Popular Hybrid and Alternative Vehicles
1. Prius
2. Chevy Volt
3. Smart Car

Most Popular Search for What People Are Reusing
1. Reusable Bags
2. Reusable Diapers
3. Reusable Water Bottles

Most Popular Waste Disposal Methods
1. Garbage Island
2. e waste recycling
3. Apple recycle

But knowing what's popular isn't where the fun ends. It seems Google always has something up its sleeve to make searching the web more interesting.

"As part of Google Green, we created the Green Scrapbook so you can explore these green trends, choose your favorites, and reveal videos and surprising facts about them. As you click around, you create your very own 2011 Green Scrapbook, which you can personalize with your name on top and share with your friends. Check out the highlights video: "

If you happen to be searching these topics anyway, creating a scrapbook of your searches sounds like an intriguing idea, especially if it helps guide you to more and more information. As Google notes, "We hope that the more we understand about garbage islands, the more we’ll choose to use reusable bags. And the more we understand what deforestation is, the more we’ll want to protect the cute red panda."

Just in case you're curious, here's my Green Scrapbook!

Google Lists The Top Green Search Trends of 2011
Wondering what people were most interested in learning about energy and the environment this last year? Google tells us the most popular search topics..

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