Google Gets Its Patent for Floating Data Center

google floating data center patent plan image

Image via US patent office

Back in September we marveled at the patent Google decided to pursue plans for a data center that would float out on the ocean, powered and cooled by the waves. Well, the company was just awarded the patent. The intention is to have a data center floating 3 to 7 miles offshore, in about 50 to 70 meters of water, where it could use the ocean's movement to harvest wave-generated power to run the servers, and sea water to cool them. Essentially, it would likely be a ship upon which modular data centers (shipping container style) are placed and hooked up to sea water-based cooling and electrical systems, and then the ship would be sent to the area in which it is needed. It'd need to come in to harbor during a storm, but other than that it'd be it's own little island of information.

It sounds a bit like a modern day da Vinci sketch, but we won't put it past Google to pursue launching one of these in the very near future. Check out the full details of the patent.

Via SEObytheSea via ZDNet
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