Google Gets Going on Smart Grid Scene (Video)

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Graph via Google

Google hates to be left out in the rain on anything, especially something as big as the smart grid industry. The IT giant has popped its head in the door with the Google PowerMeter, a new web-based dashboard for monitoring home energy use, even down to each specific appliance.

Catch a video of the program after the jump.Google figures that by utilizing the dashboard and adjusting habits accordingly, users of PowerMeter will cut down electricity use by 5-15%.

"Unfortunately, many of today's smart meters don't display information to the consumer. We consider this unacceptable. We believe that detailed data on your personal energy use belongs to you, and should be available in a standard, non-proprietary format," according to the announcement on the Official Google blog.

A whole lot of companies find this "unacceptable" (Read: major money potential) and dashboards like this are popping up right and left - many of which we've talked about here, including Tendril Control4, Greenbox, Agilewaves and others. But the bigger picture for this piece of the smart grid pie is that a dashboard truly does facilitate real change. When a person sees how much money they can save, where they can save it, and get results right away, that person will make changes, and those changes ultimately benefit the planet as a whole.

The PowerMeter is in private beta right now, but it will be on the scene soon. Google is partnering up with hardware manufacturers, utilities and government agencies to get more exposure for the program. And, well, it's Google, so there's no doubt a whole lot of people hooked up to smart meters will jump on board to try it out.

Via Google Blog
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