Google Earth Tour with Kofi Annan Puts Climate Change in Human Terms

google climate change image

Next up in a series of amazing Google Earth tours being revealed for COP16 in Cancun is "Coping with Climate Change" -- a tour that puts the problem of climate change in human terms, not just with what will happen to the planet but what will happen to human society. The tour centers the perspective that climate change is a problem impacting everything from health care to security, from economics to mobility. Narrated by former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, it is an incredibly enlightening 15 minutes. Watch the video after the jump.Putting climate change into perspective is hard since it impacts everything, but explaining it in terms of how it will impact our every day lives is of utmost importance if we want to grab attention, and grasp the real scope of the problem.

Google writes on the official blog,
this is one of a series of videos to be released during the talks. They've also created a Climate Change Educators Resources page for teachers to use in classrooms, which includes lesson plans, Google Earth layers and other tools.

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