Google Earth Ramps Up for Copenhagen: New Layers for Exploring Climate Change Scenarios (Video)

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Google has let loose an interesting tool in preparation for COP15 that allows users to explore what the world might look like if various levels of warming, sea rises, and so forth occur. You're able to see played out some of the what-if scenarios you're hearing about as the Copenhagen date approaches. And if really seeing what the world can look like if we don't get a handle on CO2 emissions doesn't seed some worry into people, we aren't sure what will. The series of layers were put together by Google in conjunction with the Danish government and others, and a key aspect of it is after it makes the hairs on your neck stand up, you can see what the world will look like when we implement tools to mitigate climate change. Nothing like the right mix of scared and hopeful to get people moving, and we're crossing our fingers it makes an impact.

The data used for the modeling is from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Yesterday they unveiled their first climate tour on Google Earth: "Confronting Climate Change," with narration by Al Gore. More tours are to come in the next few weeks, but here's their first:

It's fascinating to zoom around the globe and see what the difference warming scenarios look like. We're looking forward to the additional videos heading for the Google Earth You Tube Channel, and we're hoping that visualizing potential futures lends a stronger readiness for everyone to make big changes.

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