Google Destroys 25 ChromeOS Laptops To Prove A Lame Point (Video)

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Image via Google ChromeOS video

Google has launched the ChromeOS laptop, which is built for working on the web -- you are mainly on the cloud using Google Docs and other programs while working from the laptop. As such, your data is constantly saved in the cloud, rather than on a laptop, so you're not at risk of losing data should your computer crash. This isn't a surprise -- for anyone who has ever used a Google Docs program, it's a big duh that you can access your data from any computer, and don't lose it if your laptop shuts down for some reason. So why did Google feel the need to destroy 25 computers for a commercial that demonstrates this point? Click through to watch.


I've never understood the enthrallment many people have over watching thing be blown up, smashed, or, um, blended, so maybe I'm missing something here. Because what I do see is an intensely wasteful act of creating e-waste out of perfectly good new computers just to prove a point that everyone watching either already gets, or could get if they swapped out laptops without the whole "destroying" part.

This is nearly as stupid and disturbing as the kids who bought the iPad just to smash it with a baseball bat. As Smarterware states about the whole laptop-destruction-derby, "Zero data loss is great, but I also love keeping and caring for devices I love."

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