GoodSearch: Doing Good, One Search At A Time


We recently learned about GoodTree the search engine that allows you to raise money for charity while browsing the internet as you normally would. GoodSearch is another alternative that works similarly. Founded on the premise that people really want to support and feel connected to their favorite charities but don't always have the time or money to do so, GoodSearch makes it easy.

GoodSearch works just as well as any other search engine, its results are powered by Yahoo!. The only difference is that 50% of the entire advertising revenue generated by the company goes to charity. While GoodTree focuses on "Blue Chip" charities, over 20,000 nonprofits are now actively generating revenue via GoodSearch. In a quick search for my fav eco charities I successfully found: Scenic Hudson Inc., the NRDC, the WWF, Environmental Advocates of New York and many more.More than 100 charities and schools are registering daily. If the non-profit you would like to raise money for is not in the list, simply add it, promote it, search away and watch how quickly the funds rack up!

GoodSearch is a collaboration between brother and sister power team JJ and Ken Ramberg. Ken, an avid philanthropist, founder and CEO of JOBTRAK (which sold to and JJ Ramberg a Stanford MBA, Internet entrepreneur, television reporter and microfinance professional dedicated the site to their mother who passed away from cancer a few years ago.

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