GoodGuide's Newest iPhone App Lets You Scan Barcodes In Stores And Get the Scoop on Products

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Stand in the middle of a store and find a product you want to get. Would you rather A) look up the product manually on your phone with the old GoodGuide app to find out how green the product is, or B) scan the barcode and have the info pop right up? Most of us would prefer option B. GoodGuide recognized this and has announced the first iPhone application that scans barcodes to "provide impartial health, environment and social responsibility ratings of products and companies." And what's more - it's free. GoodGuide licensed Occipital's state-of-the-art RedLaser barcode scanning technology for its new application, allowing you to use your phone to aim, scan, read, and eithe rbuy or put the item back on the shelf. The data that comes up includes everything from ingredients to environmental impact to the practices of the manufacturer, so you can make the most informed purchasing decisions as possible.

According to the GoodGuide's press release, "Consumers can scan a barcode in the supermarket aisle and immediately see detailed and independently researched ratings for health, environment and social responsibility for over 62,000 products and companies right on the phone."

What's great about the app beyond being able to select the best items, is users can also be part of determining what products are added to the rapidly growing database. If not already in the database, the products scanned most frequently will be prioritized for receiving ratings from GoodGuide.

Dara O'Rourke, founder and CEO of GoodGuide, said, "The service will only get stronger over time as we add more and more product information based on our community's input."

We love apps that help make green shopping easier, and being able to just scan a barcode and get the information you need is fantastic. If you don't already have the app and you have an iPhone, we highly recommend downloading it.
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