GoodGuide Launches Food Ratings Category

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If you enjoy using GoodGuide for informed purchasing, and if you like knowing the details about your food, you're going to really like this news. The GoodGuide has added a new food category to its ratings.Last year when we talked about GoodGuide, the site was still pretty small with not a lot of products. But since then, they've rapidly moved foward to become a great resource, even adding an iPhone app for easy searching. They're continuing to plow ahead, and the new food category will hopefully be a big help to savvy shoppers.

The category will reveal what’s in your food, environmental practices of companies to the health and safety of the food they manufacture. Over 5,000 packaged food products are already in the database, including top-selling baby foods, cereal,milk, yogurt, juices, crackers, and pasta.

When I looked up milk, I was happy to see my favorite brand scored a 7.6. Not the highest, but a whole lot better than other brands. But I liked knowing that I could try out the higher ranked brand, Stonyfield Farm, which scored higher on environmental and social performance, and is about equal in its health performance.

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With the new food section, going to the grocery store and buying with your eco-conscience will be a whole lot easier, especially as GoodGuide continues to add food items to the list (they don't list my favorite yogurt yet, so I don't know how it ranks and would love to find out).

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