Good Growing Regions Drying Up in Turkey

arid desert landscape photo

Photo via Al Ianni at flickr.

As the host of a recent meeting on the implementation of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Turkey touted its expertise on the subject, with the Environment Ministry's Erdoğan Özevren calling Turkey "one of the convention's most active countries."

A five-year plan to plant trees for erosion control and a longer-term "basin rehabilitation" strategy are seen as models for countries in Central Asia and Africa, but as an AlJazeera segment this past summer showed, Turkey is far from solving its own problems with desertification.

In Konya, an area that used to be known as "Turkey's granary," a reporter found grazing lands riddled with sinkholes, what was once the country's fifth-largest lake completely dried up, and honey production down by a third this year alone. Local farmers reminisced about now-disappeared lakes that were once full of lobsters and carp and lamented the declining quality of their fruit, due to improper irrigation techniques that have compounded the effects of global warming. Via: AlJazeera
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