Good Eggs brings the farmers market to your door with online ordering and home delivery

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With the rising demand for more access to local food, and the growing number of local food producers, it stands to reason that making it easier for consumers, growers, and makers to get what they need would boost local food systems and the local economy.

Currently, if you can't get to the farmer's market, and you aren't a member of a CSA or live nearby a food co-op, it can be tough to regularly buy local produce and other regional fare, as most small operations don't have a storefront for customers.

But a San Francisco startup believes they have the solution that fits for both the producers and the customers, with their online platform that can serve as a virtual farmers market, complete with home delivery.

"Whether it’s organic fruits and veggies, fresh bread, sustainably-caught fish, or handmade cheeses, we’ve got hundreds of options to fill your basket. When you shop for your groceries on Good Eggs, you’re buying directly from the farmers and foodmakers who make your food. Ordering ahead means they know exactly how much to harvest or make and when, so your food comes to you right from the field or the kitchen. And nothing’s sitting around as extra inventory, which cuts out unnecessary waste." - Good Eggs

Good Eggs, currently in the Bay Area (but soon to be in Brooklyn, LA, and New Orleans), offers a visually-compelling "menu" of the available items from local vendors, including fresh produce, milk, eggs, cheese, meats and fish, baked goods and baby food.

Each item has a great photo and a clearly marked price, along with information about the vendor, including their picture, and a link to their individual "webstand" with all of their current offerings. Customers can view, order, and pay for the items they want, from multiple vendors, and then choose to have their entire order home-delivered or pick it up themselves at a distribution point nearby.

Local growers and food producers need to adhere to the guidelines in place at Good Eggs, which include having a focus on serving the local community, environmental sustainability in operations, paying a fair wage for employees, being transparent about ingredients or production practices, and sourcing ingredients locally when possible. There are additional guidelines for each different type of vendors, including ranchers, bakers, farmers, and fishermen, with the intent of ensuring integrity and trust in the system.

"Our goal is to make real change in our food system - and our daily lives - by helping us all remember that actual people make our food, by turning away from mass-produced junk in every corner of our lives and opting for something better in one realm where it really matters. And in the process, we’ll eat really well." - Good Eggs

If you're in the Bay Area, give Good Eggs a try and let us know what you think. If you're in Brooklyn, LA, or New Orleans, you may want to keep your eye on their site so you'll be ready when they get there.

Good Eggs brings the farmers market to your door with online ordering and home delivery
This startup aims to make local food more accessible and sustainable by providing a platform for both consumers and producers.

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