Go Play Outside Inc.: A Product Service System (PSS)


He who has the most toys wins! So goes the bumper sticker. But we'd all be winners if we didn't own so much stuff. We'd have more room, less insurance, more savings and a planet that would breathe a sigh of relief. There is a concept doing the rounds called Product Service Systems (PSS). Yeh, another silly acronym, but don't worry it's explained below. Some simply call them Solutions. And that's what Go Play Outside feel they offer. A full hire service for all your outdoor sports. Going away for the weekend? Need mountain bikes, tent, stove, sleeping bags, mattresses, seats, fishing rod, kayak, Gore-tex jacket? No worries. Might as well get the roof racks too, to lug all that gear. Go enjoy yourself, without wrinkling your brow, wondering how to own all those toys. ::Go Play Outside is an Australian based operation but similar businesses are doing the same thing elsewhere. Many stores have Try-Before-You-Buy programs. If you only play golf once year, when Uncle Bernies is in town, there is no need to own the clubs and bag. Likewise why shell out for expensive skis, if you can only get in two schussing weekends a year.

Product Service Systems (PSS), or product solutions, are something we'll explore more of soon. But basically it is about providing the service of the product – what it does for you - without requiring the individual ownership. For example you can catch a cab to get from A to B, instead of having to garage a car. Or use the local Laundromat negating the need to fork over big bills for a washing machine. Because we, in essence, share such human resources, instead of each of us all owning one apiece, the demand on natural resources is massively reduced. [by WM]