Go AC Green Offers 15% Off Air Conditioners for Lower Energy Bills

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Usually running air conditioners isn't the best choice when it comes to wanting to save energy while cooling your house. But sometimes, darn it, it just gets so HOT that you can't stand it. In towns all around the country, electric bills are sky high on those hot and humid days, especially in the middle of the summer. Now with GO AC Green's new Cool-n-Saveā„¢ unit for your air conditioner, you don't actually have to think twice before flicking the switch. Our own Ed Begley, Jr. said it's "One of the most cost effective and simple ways to save energy." Here's how it works:Installed in less than five minutes with no tools required, the Cool-n-Save system affixes to the top of most home air conditioning units. The system is activated only when the AC unit turns on; hot air from the condenser unit's fan raises the flap on the Cool-n-Save control valve, allowing water to flow to the misters that surround the AC unit. When the ultra-fine mist is released into the air, it evaporates almost instantly creating what is known as a "Flash Evaporation," which literally sucks heat out of the air as water absorbs the energy it needs to evaporate. The result of the immediate evaporation constitutes a substantial drop in ambient temperature without wetness--up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Cool-n-Save:
- Lowers energy bill up to 30%
- Pays for itself in months
- Has lower energy demand and helps in reducing non-renewable fuel consumption and CO2 pollution
- Easy installation for the consumer in just five minutes
- Allows for longer air conditioner life

From now through September 30, 2009, TreeHugger readers will receive 15% off their online purchase of the Cool-n-Save. No coupon code required, just click "TreeHugger" in the drop-down menu at check-out. Go AC Green
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